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Healing Music Volume 2

by Valerie Romanoff

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Peaceful music with a groove, transformational music for inner journey, for relaxation, yoga, meditation, massage, and for love!
Music has the power to heal, transform and enhance our lives. By consciously aligning with different states of music, we can affect deep changes in our world.
We have quiet times of day, STILL; activation times, CHILL; and energetic peak times, THRILL. 
STILL invites our inner journey, our times of  contemplation and relaxation. 
CHILL encourages our moving forward, activating ideas, setting these in motion toward the outer world.
THRILL ignites our energy; raises our  excitement, broadcasts our bliss through enhanced life-force energy. 
Sound waves and music vibrations wash over us and actually move the molecules of energy in and around our bodies, affecting how we feel and  transforming who we are. With this awareness, we can consciously use music to bring ourselves into different states of being. Just as film composers use music to tell the audience what emotions to feel, we too can flood our senses with sounds that stimulate our feeling centers.

Using the focus of slow moving sound, we readily connect with the stillness within and around us. Through the STILL waves of meta-music we go deeper, moving closer to Oneness. In this relaxed state, we create an inner environment for our own wisdom to emerge, and for our intentions to take root.  
Also in this state of mind, we are receptive to new ideas and teachings.
We can USE the energy that sound & music creates to strengthen and activate our intentions, to send them out to the universe, and to attract the "like” energy needed to manifest.

Moving into the CHILL phase of meta-music, we raise its energy level, as our new thought forms take root.   This creates greater momentum from which to launch our ideas.  With increased awareness, we take action, we are action, and we are music in motion.

Once we have experienced our INNER BEING (through STILL), and have brought forth our intentions & ideas (through CHILL), we are then ready to become an ecstatic expression of LOVE-IN-MOTION.   Once again we activate the power of music, as we continue to raise its vibration. The spectrum of THRILL music encourages, enlivens, delights, ignites, and firmly connects us  with our magnificent creative power that can change worlds!

Through such practice, we run vibrant energy throughout our bodies and deep into the earth. We become a channel of love and light, and we step into conscious co-creation, raising the JOY factor in ourselves and in our world. 


released October 10, 2017

Produced and Composed by  Valerie Romanoff
Valerie Romanoff- guitars, piano, synth, chanting;
Stevin McNamara-sitar;
Tom Rossi-flute, kora, percussion, chanting
Cover art by Sherab.Shey.Khandro "Our Time is Now," detail from original  painting, acrylic on canvas 24”x48”, Goldenstein Gallery, Sedona, Az/  
Mixed and Mastered by Stevin McNamara
*Mixed and Mastered by Nåthan Gangadean
** Mixed and Mastered by Simon Vegas

Valrock Music 2017 © ASCAP all rights reserved

This music is dedicated to our joyous journey and the spirit of LOVE.
Thank you for connecting with this music!


all rights reserved



Valerie Romanoff New York, New York

Valerie is an electric guitarist & composer Welcome to her world of peace, love & music. By tapping into the transformative nature of sound she believes we can create a more harmonious world. Her music spans many genres (STILL, CHILL, THRILL) and can be used a tool of transformation.

This music is dedicated to our joyous journey and the spirit of LOVE
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